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Claire said:
Friday, 22 Aug 2014
I would be interesting to know which companies xo not test any of their products on animals. Thanks
Alexis said:
Monday, 25 Mar 2013
This site it great! I love this site! I visit it every single day!!! Keep up the perfect work! ;)
Courtney said:
Thursday, 11 Oct 2012
I am helping a student do a research paper on the prevelancy of animal testing in different regions of the world. I am hoping that your newsletter will provide us with some useful information so that my student can, at least at a local level, take action against animal testing.
Laura said:
Tuesday, 27 Mar 2012
Thanks you for it
Lucy said:
Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011
Animal testing really interests me and I would be grateful if I could recieve such an informatic newsletter every month, Many thanks
Han said:
Monday, 9 May 2011
Thank you for the newsletter. It is rather informative.
Keith said:
Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010
As a new registrant I look forward to receiving your perspective on this contentious issue. I am a long-standing member and supporter of UAR and I am pleased that we have another pro information portal.
Toni said:
Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010
Really like this website. Very informative.
Anna said:
Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010
I am doing a project about animal testing and am hoping this site will be helpful, Thanks.
Irene said:
Thursday, 21 Oct 2010
Well structured, user friendly website with interesting information
Taelor said:
Tuesday, 5 Oct 2010
Im doing alot of reaserch on animal testing for a project and I would like to learn more about it. Thank you -Taelor
AURORA said:
Friday, 21 May 2010
I would like to work in an organisation to abolish animal testing. If you know of any vacancies in any of them pls let me know. Thanks Aurora Ros
Sandra said:
Thursday, 28 Jan 2010
Thanks for making more people aware - suuport PETA, Uncaged etc, the work they do is vital!!!
Troy said:
Tuesday, 8 Dec 2009
I am taking my GCSEs and I am doing on animal testing (bad) so I would like your newsletter please
Cindy said:
Tuesday, 10 Nov 2009
It great that you guys are doing this its good information
Krishna said:
Saturday, 7 Nov 2009
This is an interesting and very informative for me. I would like to know the in vitro methods used as alternative to animal testing and also which differentiates the in vivo and in vitro techniques.
Allyson said:
Tuesday, 3 Nov 2009
Thanks for the great site!
Joe said:
Sunday, 13 Sep 2009
This site is very interesting and has taught me that animal testing has more meaning than I have thought before.
Hayley said:
Saturday, 5 Sep 2009
Hi. I am doing a speech on Animal Testing and this site was really helpful. When I am older I am going to donate to charities and PETA will be the first!! Thanks
Elsa said:
Saturday, 8 Aug 2009
This is a very interesting site, and helpful=)
Emily said:
Monday, 8 Jun 2009
I love this website it is very useful for my coursework x
Passion said:
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
Thank you for having this newsletter. I'm just learning about this subject but it's become dear to my heart. My mom and I are going to become vegeterians. Thanks again!
Shivum said:
Monday, 27 Apr 2009
Well ipersonally think that this website is FANTASTIC !!!!!!!! WELL DONE
Mehrdad said:
Saturday, 18 Apr 2009
Thank you so much for preparing this site. I need some article about (Why we have to use animals for testing drugs. A good view of using animals.
Liam said:
Monday, 23 Feb 2009
Great cause, I'm willing to do anything to help you guys out.
Ashton said:
Wednesday, 17 Dec 2008
I think this site has amazing information and I am really happy that there is SOMEONE standing up for those who don't have a voice. I really think animal testing should be stopped and this site helps. Thanks for making an awesome website.
Anonymous said:
Friday, 12 Dec 2008
Thank-you for creating such a good webpage, I am doing a science case study and found it really hard to find all the necassary information, that was unbiased. Your information was really useful, in particular 'the basics' section, and 'challenges', they were so detailed and I have recomended this site to all of my friends. Thank you!!!!!!!
Jeskah said:
Thursday, 20 Nov 2008
I think animal testing is wrong they use animals for our sake really DONT THEY?? like pigs blood for example they use it for girls for lipstick now that is sick im sorry but I disagree with animal testing I think it is a brilliant idea that they use environmentally friendly products in shops now!! THANKS FOR READING MY COMMENT
Maya said:
Thursday, 15 May 2008
I hope that this is a good news letter because I really look forward to reading it...!
Hannah said:
Wednesday, 23 Apr 2008
It's great to see people standing up for those who can't speak up for themselves. I found some of the facts here very interesting, knowing quite a lot beforhand.The site is very factual and a great cause. from Hannah x